Pulso joins URL Media

URL Media is pleased to welcome Pulso as its nineteenth media partner. 

Nonprofit media startup organization Pulso (“pulse” in Spanish) shares commentary, history and cultural stories by and for Latinos. As the site notes, the Pulso team is dedicated to “keeping the pulse on nuestra gente [our people].” 

Founded by social entrepreneur Liz Alarcón in 2018, Pulso works to increase the political participation of 32 million Latino and Hispanic voters by delivering fact-based content on various platforms including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and even its own content channel, The Pulso Podcast.

Pulso serves more than 1 million Latinos across the U.S. Sixty percent of its audience identifies as women, and roughly three-quarters fall between the ages of 25 and 45. The team promotes a lot of its coverage on Instagram, which has a following of a quarter million people. On average its reels generate 80,000 views on the platform.

Pulso is a great addition to our suite of partners," says URL Media CEO S. Mitra Kalita. "Latinos account for the majority of U.S. population growth and represent a vital part of our economic, educational and political systems. Pulso helps center Latino communities in its coverage and has quickly emerged as a must-know outlet.”

“Latinos are nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population, and yet, we ourselves often don’t even know about our crucial contributions to this country, because we weren’t taught about Latino history, about our success stories, in school. Pulso is trying to change that, " said Alarcón, founder of Pulso. “We are so excited to be part of URL’s powerful network of outlets who are,  together, trying to change the narrative about our people.”

Within the first week of its biweekly podcast launch, Pulso received 400 downloads. The podcast aims to bring listeners untold stories about Latino history and the Latino experience in America. As stated on its website, the team writes: “We’ve been a part of this great American experiment since [the] very beginning. From the halls of congress to the stages of Broadway, even the food we consider to be American. We helped build this country and we’re not going anywhere.”    

Pulso has also participated in nonpartisan voter registration, get-out-the-vote, and advocacy campaigns since it was founded. Earlier this spring, the nonprofit collaborated with asylum rights campaign #WelcomeWithDignity to host a live Q & A about what the Biden-Harris Administration's proposed changes to U.S. asylum mean for Latinos and other migrants.

This year, Pulso plans to expand its programming on YouTube and create longer-form video stories. Currently, its most watched content on the platform highlights prominent Latino figures and contributions, such as the forgotten Star Spangled Banner, the first Latinos to arrive in America and war veteran Roy Benavidez. The organization also plans to release a line of merchandise later this year. 

Pulso joins URL Media partners Black Voice News, Documented, Epicenter-NYC, Native News Online, Prism, Our Body Politic, Outlier Media, palabra., Immigrantly, The Oklahoma Eagle, Sahan Journal, PushBlack, Scalawag, ScrollStack, TBN24, The Haitian Times, and WURD Radio.

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