The Plug  joins the URL Media network

URL Media is excited to welcome The Plug as its sixteenth media partner. 

Launched in 2016, The Plug is a venture-backed journalism and insights company that provides actionable news, insights and business intelligence about the substantive ways Black people are affected by and engaged with the innovation economy. 

The Plug began as the first daily newsletter focusing on Black startups and ecosystems, and has grown into a trusted source of information for communities leading the future of work and inclusive business in tech. In its news coverage, The Plug strives to go beyond incomplete or rose-colored narratives about Black people in tech; rather, it aims to report accurate, verifiable and data-driven stories that are under-reported and under-examined.

With its digital weekly newsletters and research content published multiple times a week, The Plug reaches more than 12,000 newsletter subscribers and averages upwards of 20,000 monthly page views. The startup company also has an ongoing partnership with URL Media partner WURD Radio on a two-year Knight-Lenfest Local News Transformation grant to adequately cover Philadelphia's BIPOC technology and innovation sector. The grant will also help to create a best practices guide for newsrooms, journalists, and ecosystem leaders reporting and supporting BIPOC business creation across the country.

The URL Media network and its audiences will benefit from The Plug's deep reporting on issues facing Black Americans in tech, academia and entrepreneurship, as demonstrated by the site’s consistent reporting of the unique challenges and opportunities of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).
"We're excited to be part of the URL Media network and join other important media players that are doing the great and responsible work of providing distinctive journalism and coverage of underserved communities,” said Sherell Dorsey, CEO and founder of The Plug. “Sustainability is critical as the journalism industry faces a tough climate. Being in partnership with URL Media is one step closer to carving new and important relationships with advertisers being exposed to our work for the very first time."

“We are thrilled to welcome The Plug as URL’s 16th network member,” said URL co-founder and president, Sara M. Lomax. “Their entry doubles our network size since our launch in January 2021 with eight inaugural members, and we think they are an outstanding addition to this dynamic and diverse network of high performing BIPOC media organizations.”

The Plug joins URL Media partners Black Voice News, Documented, Epicenter-NYC, Native News, Prism, Our Body Politic, Outlier Media, Palabra, Sahan Journal, PushBlack, Scalawag, ScrollStack, TBN24, The Haitian Times, and WURD Radio.

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