Prism joins the URL Media network

We’re thrilled to welcome news site Prism as the fifteenth media partner in the URL Media network. 

Established in 2019, Prism is an in-depth and thought-provoking news publication serving readers who care deeply about the intersections of injustice and resistance. Led by journalists of color, Prism’s reporting reflects the lived experiences of people most impacted by systemic injustices. Many of its readers work in the education, public health, community organizing, reproductive justice and non-profit sectors, and much of its audience is BIPOC and LGBTQ+. Prism provides underreported angles, dismantling harmful narratives and unearthing the truth — all in the name of liberating marginalized communities. 

“As the U.S. continues to grapple with longstanding injustice and inequity at the same time we’re in a period of rapid social change, it’s more important than ever for journalism to equip communities with crucial context on major issues and shed light on those who are too often overlooked,” said Prism editor-in-chief Ashton Lattimore. “At Prism, we’re proud to produce reporting that both informs and animates the most pressing social movements of our time.”  

Prism's inclusive coverage is accessible on its website — which averages a reach of 30,000 visitors monthly — and on social media platforms Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The team also distributes their content in a weekly newsletter. 

Prism's team believes in reporting out the full and nuanced version of stories not often told by mainstream media. Their stories explore race, education, immigration, worker's rights, politics and democracy, reproductive justice, environmental issues and more. Prism’s journalism centers the humanity and experiences of immigrants, refugees, undocumented people; those impacted by the criminal justice system including current and formerly incarcerated people; and leaders on the frontlines of the nation’s climate crisis, among others.

The URL Media network and our audiences will benefit from Prism's deep reporting and social justice lens on just about any pressing issue facing our polarized nation today. The sharp point of view and intersectional reporting Prism offers makes them a strong partner for our network as we pursue more collaborative storytelling in 2023.
“All of us at Prism are thrilled to join the URL Media network and amplify partners’ work all while bringing our own reporting to new audiences who are strongly aligned with our shared values of collective liberation,” said Prism editor-in-chief Ashton Lattimore. “We’re looking forward to working alongside the other incredible and transformative news outlets in the network to reshape the media landscape for our communities.”  

"We are excited to welcome Prism into the URL Media network. Their innovative journalism is grounded in amplifying the voices of communities who are often ignored and marginalized," said URL co-founder Sara Lomax-Reese. "This principle is fundamental to our mission: to Uplift, Respect and Love the communities we serve. We know that Prism will add to the exceptional reporting already represented in the network."

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