The Oklahoma Eagle  joins the URL Media network

URL Media is excited to welcome award-winning publisher The Oklahoma Eagle as its seventeenth media partner. 

Founded in 1922, The Oklahoma Eagle is a Tulsa-based Black-owned newspaper hailed as “the voice of Black Tulsa.” It succeeded the Tulsa Star, which was destroyed in the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. The publication remains the longest-running Black-owned newspaper in Oklahoma – and tenth oldest in the nation.  

With its core value of equity, The Oklahoma Eagle serves print subscribers throughout six counties in Oklahoma, as well as 36 states and U.S. territories. On its website, the legacy publisher details its historic ties with two predecessor newspapers, The Tulsa Star and the Oklahoma Sun. “… I decided that I would dedicate the rest of my life fighting for the things that I knew that [B]lack people needed and never had in order to elevate them to a higher social level, a higher economic level, then that they’d been accustomed to,” said Edward L. Goodwin Sr., whose family has owned the newspaper since 1936.  
“The Black press has been an essential resource for African American communities since the first Black newspaper, Freedom’s Journal, was published in 1829,” said URL co-founder and president Sara M. Lomax. “We are thrilled that the Oklahoma Eagle, which continues this powerful legacy, is joining the URL network. We look forward to growing together.”

With its weekly print product and daily digital feeds, The Oklahoma Eagle serves a diverse readership of approximately one million people in the Greater Tulsa Metropolitan Area, including 80,000 Black Americans, 75,000 Hispanic Americans, and 700,000 white Americans. 

“We are excited to partner with URL Media,” said The Oklahoma Eagle’s publisher James O. Goodwin. “Our second century strategies include growing both our revenue opportunities and our audience in the digital sphere and historic print edition. When URL said ‘radical change is required’ to support Black-owned media, it was a message that resonated with us. Joining sixteen other URL partners will strengthen our collective missions and pool our resources to produce important content for our audiences.”

Building upon its legacy of innovatively reaching global audiences, the publisher plans to launch an online events platform this year for local businesses and organizations to market their events throughout Oklahoma. The publication will also launch a civic engagement platform later in the year to aid the community in engaging with city officials, school boards and other state/local agencies. 

The Oklahoma Eagle joins URL Media partners Black Voice News, Documented, Epicenter-NYC, Native News Online, Prism, Our Body Politic, Outlier Media, palabra., The Plug, Sahan Journal, PushBlack, Scalawag, ScrollStack, TBN24, The Haitian Times, and WURD Radio.

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